He was the immortal strong man‘Water’For children。

And still a living immortal,The dead immortality has left more treasures to the disciple,But the living immortal personally guided his disciples,Especially for disciples who are very similar to themselves,The effect is far beyond the guidance of intelligent life like Babata—After all, in practice,Intelligent life Babata can only tell according to experience,But an immortal teacher can easily see every detail of Luo Feng’s practice.。
Three years,In fact, among the strong on earth,Li Ming is not the fastest improvement,But Luo Feng。Li Ming,After all, in the opportunity of devouring the Golden Horn Giant Egg,The benefits are too great,It also made him accumulate too much in the law perception。Progress behind,More is the sublimation and compensation of previous perceptions。
Luo Feng,Although the talent is almost better than Li Ming and Hong,Almost like Thor,But the progress over the past three years is extremely amazing—Able to freely control two Yan Shen soldiers·Magic sword pose is the proof。
His strength,Also from the top five on earth,Leap over Thor,Same as Hong。
And in this world number three,To‘madman’Luo Feng,And indeed set foot on the wandering city after city,Challenge the way of masters。
If you and Li Ming don’t recover from the memory now《Devour the stars》Plot comparison,Luo Feng may not have the many advantages brought by the Golden Horn Behemoth,But the level of the origin of the law is not much different from the original,However, the application of the law is more than that in the original book。And on character,Also missing a piece of madness,More meticulous。This makes his killing effect much higher than the original。
Luo Feng who displays two magic swords,On strength is definitely the top five existence in the world number three,He even killed several genius experts who have attracted much attention in the Secret Realm of Dry Witch.。
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Chapter Thirteen Cosmic genius war(in)