……………… Chen Xiu and Qin Zhi rushed to Mingde Middle School,Go straight to the principal’s office。

Just outside the office, I heard a rough male voice from inside:“Little girl movie,You better pray that my son won’t suffer any sequelae,Otherwise i won’t let you go!”
Chen Xiu frowned,It seems that the other’s parents are not easy to get along with,It might be difficult to apologize。
Qin Zhi said in surprise:“Xiaohan is still a boy!”
Chen Xiu said helplessly:“But not。”
“Wow,She is too good,The boy who has been studying for a few days is not her opponent anymore!”
Chen Xiu’s eyes are blank,Speechless:“This is not the point, OK?,It’s not a glorious thing,We are now here to apologize as parents!”
Qin Zhi stuck out her tongue mischievously。
“Bang、Bang……” Chen Xiu knocked on the door of the principal’s office,Inside came the husky and powerful voice of principal Zhang Tiande:“The door is open,come in。”
Chen Xiu and Zhang Tiande met when Chen Han was in school,When Chen Hancai was in school, she was wrongly stolen by the girls in her class,I saw it later。
“Principal Zhang,I am Chen Han’s parent……” “Chen Xiu!”
Zhang Tiande’s impression of Chen Xiu is still very deep,Chen Xiu recognized him as Chen Han’s parent as soon as he came in,Seeing Chen Xiu was followed by a beautiful woman,Very familiar,But I can’t remember where I saw it。
Zhang Tiande introduced Chen Xiu to a big man sitting in front of his desk.:“This one is Mr. Wan Zhiliang, the parent of classmate Wan Zhixing。”
Chen Xiu turned his head and looked,I saw that the other party was a tall man in his forties,A solid muscle looks like Governor Schwarzenegger。