“do not move。Just leave it naked,Don’t want to die。”The woman yelled,Then turned his head and shouted at the big guy beside him:“Bring this old ruffian’s clothes。”

“Wait,What do you want us to admit?”Li Tianchou stretched out his hand to pull the old Donggua behind him。
“Don’t pretend to me,Give money!I want to pat my butt and leave after playing?How can it be cheap?”The woman said she took out a cigarette and lit it,“Paralyzed scum,Miss Wan also eats overlord meal,what。”
Being insulted by this old woman,Li Tianchou is also on fire,He turned his head calmly,Ask the old winter melon in a low voice,“Did you find someone??”
The old winter melon nodded tremblingly,Look very ugly,“on……Just now……That one。”
“A little confused at first,Rear……I looked for it later。”The old winter melon nodded again。
Li Tianchou secretly regretted it,I knew it was so easy,You shouldn’t leave the old winter melon alone,Cause trouble for no reason。I also blame myself for being young and full of temperament,But it’s over,Can only be blocked by soldiers。
“Hey,Hey,Have you two discussed it??Give money!”The woman stares sideways,Very impatient。
“how much is it?”Li Tianchou suddenly laughed。
The woman threw up circles under her eyes,Complexion slightly softened,“I am also a ruler,It’s not easy for you migrant workers,I’ll open the net,Let’s make a whole number together。”
“How much is the whole number?One hundred yuan?”
“How happy are you taking my mother?One hundred yuan for you to pass the beggar?One thousand yuan!One less son,Don’t want to leave!”Woman throws away cigarette butts,Angry again。