Ten years,Li Ming is now 22 years old。

For ordinary practitioners,Twenty-two years old is just the age of introductory practice,It’s great to be able to step into the Purple Mansion。
But for the true spirit, the essence is extremely high,For Li Ming, who can continue to recall various methods from his soul,The progress is naturally very big。
For example,His Qi refining has entered the late stage of Vientiane,Relying on the Da Luo-level Qi refining method,So that his actual strength is no less than that of Vientiane.。
And the gods and demons refining method《Immortal body》,Step into Vientiane to complete—Vientiane Consummation, truly comparable to gods and demons,It’s comparable to those primitive spirits of superficial methods。
And he also mastered many magical powers—do not forget,As his memory continues to recover,Naturally also mastered a lot of magical secrets。
Although Li Ming’s recovered memory,Not included《Candle Dragon Eye》《Three Thunders》《Hand of good fortune》Waiting for the top supernatural powers I created,But some ordinary(By Daozu’s standards),The magical powers of a hundred people in the world have already‘Memories’Have played ten。
but,Li Ming really went to understand the magical powers he mastered,Mainly《Relative》《Three heads and six arms》These two relatively ordinary magic methods。These two magical powers,It is the most common body of gods and demons,But it is also very practical two magical powers,Use two magical powers,Li Ming’s simple burst of power is enough to compare with the refining air flow。
A great magical power between the world and the earth,Li Ming only comprehend one kind of escape《Meteor Escape》,After all, life-saving is more important than fighting。
And another aspect of the battle,Perception of Tao,Li Ming’s progress is faster。
Ten years,Li Ming has long evolved the Dao of the Big Dipper into the Avenue of Stars,It has already surpassed the level of Dao domain。
《Star change》Sixth Form·Bright Star Field!
Once cast,As if the stars are coming,Starlight turns into a field,Bless whole body strength!
《Star change》Seventh formula·Flying meteor!
A very fast trick,Unstoppable as a starlight bombardment,Focus on speed!
With these two tricks,Li Ming is good enough to play against top Sanxian!
This is still his distraction。
Now Li Ming’s formation is one,Has reached the level of a master of formation,A thought,Can use the Fuxi stick formation to display various formations。
With Li Ming’s strength,Naturally, it will not be casually in Ruoqicheng。