At this time,With the sound of high heels,The door of the meeting room was pushed open,A slender woman,Strode in。The long legs under her skirt are set against the flesh-colored stockings,Extraordinarily eye-catching。

The woman’s long hair is draped over her shoulders,Like black silk。But Xia Jian took a look,All found that this woman is at least 37 or 18 years old。Although her complexion is great,The crow’s feet around her eyes still betrayed her mercilessly。
“Oh sorry,Traffic jam on the road for a while,Does it affect everyone”This woman said,I quickly sat down on which empty seat。
The moment this woman bent over,Xia Jian found that this woman’s figure is very predictable。
“Mr. Yang is really racing against time,We just started”Luo said with a smile。
Who else seems to be very familiar with Mr. Yang,Everyone look back,Greeted her one after another。After calm down,Luo Yi glanced at Xia Jian,Suddenly raised his voice and said:“This one sitting next to me,It’s Mr. Xia I told everyone”
Xia Jian heard Luo Yi introduce him,He quickly nodded at the crowd and said:“My name is Xia Jian,Bucheon City from the northwest,Please take care of me”
“All right!Your time is precious,We don’t have to go around。Mr. Xia come to us,Just want to find a business,Where can they open a factory,Let’s make a fortune together”Luo Yi’s words are straightforward,But it’s all about the point。
Sitting at the front is an old man in his sixties,He lifted his eyes and said:“Excuse me, Mr. Xia,What are the advantages of your hometown,Can attract me to open a factory where you?”The old man’s words came to the point。
Xia Jian was secretly happy,It seems that the people Luo Yi invited today,Are very pragmatic bosses,No courtesy at all,Directly into the topic。
Xia Jian nodded and smiled:“my hometown,Have too much surplus labor,And where do we start a factory and set up business,There will be certain preferential support in policy”
“I want to ask this Mr. Xia,Where is the journey a bit far away,There are certain problems in transportation,Is there a choice in investment promotion??”Another 40-year-old boss raised such a question。
Someone at the beginning,Among the twelve bosses,Only Mr. Yang who came in last has been sitting without speaking。Other questions have been asked。Xia Jian answered them one by one。Of course, some questions Xia Jian did not answer professionally,But he always answered with heart。
Such a lively scene,Xia Jian really didn’t expect。Luo Yi,Always smile,It seems that her performance on Xia Jian,Very satisfied。
After a round of questions,There is a second round。Xia Jian didn’t even have time to drink,It lasted until six o’clock in the afternoon,Finally, under Luo Yi’s reminder,These talents left their business cards,Feel a little bit reluctant to leave。