Yunwu Doulishan was shattered by this heavy and powerful blow,Cangluan Qinglong is more like a heavenly phoenix flying into the sky,Fight the sky and face the sky。

It broke through the mountain of clouds,Turned into a scorching glaucoma sun,To evaporate the rainstorm,Use your brightest light feather as if the sun shines,Punch Qinghui fiercely through the dense rain clouds,Let the sky above this big battlefield,Regain the sunny view。
As the sun shines,The dominance of Cangluan Qinglong is far more terrifying than everyone expected。
“It just broke my Nimbus position,The true skills have not been displayed,But your dragon seems to have tried all the stops。”Guan Wenqi said。
Rain clouds and dragons are still flying,Most of its body is shrouded in that thick black cloud,Where to swim,Where the majestic dark clouds and rain clouds follow。
Nimbus Dragon raised his head,Longing towards the sky。
Long sky,First, the drifting rain fell down like a curtain,Then the raindrops became silky,It didn’t take long for the rain to turn into rain pillars!
Countless columns of rain poured down fiercely,It’s like the sky above has broken a hole,Then the rushing Tianhe flew straight down!!
Rain waterfall!
Nimbus Dragon once again used its Azure Dragon Profound Technique,The terrifying rain waterfall fell to the ground,Can crush the rock and earth,Not to mention the flesh and bones!
Cangluan and Qinglong are hiding,But the rain waterfall has several layers,They expand very fast,At first it was just rain,In an instant it was a waterfall,It’s hard to react in advance。
A waterfall poured fiercely on Cangluan Qinglong’s back,Cangluan Qinglong’s body sank fiercely,The more and more heavy feathers wetted by rain also affected the balance of Cangluan and Qinglong。
Cangluan Qinglong was shot down by a waterfall from a high altitude,Fell on the ground。
A bright and noble feather is a bit messy,The dragon beard on the neck has also lost a bit of color。
Wing bone position,There should be some breaks,When Cangluan Qinglong stood up again,Want to lift the wings,The action is a bit stiff。
“I said that,You can just admit defeat,Why let your dragon suffer。”Guan Wenqi said。