“Leaf big brother,You said that you will see it.!What owe?

Isn’t my not you??”
Ye Shuangzhou heard this and laughed。
If Li speaks this, he said this.,He maybe it is believed.,But now Li speaks this way.,He is not a letter at all。
“Li’s brother said beautiful.,But still have to ask your opinion.。”
“Hey-hey,Everything is the master,My future development direction is the winery,Wine industry。”
Li Hui also did not hide,Directly throw your own ideas。
One heard this,Ye Shuangzhou is also coming.。
“Then how are you going to develop??”
“Is this not already developing??
And I listened to the double saying that the wine present in the winery is very good.,I am going to enter the high-end wine industry.,Go to the emperor,Magical development。”
“There is also the Yangtze River Delta,Even abroad is not。”
I heard the planning of Li Hui,Ye Shuangzhou is also stunned。
“Then if you really do this,I am afraid that investment is not small.!”
I have never hesitated with the investment of Li Hui Feng.。
Moreover, this piece is what he is ready to develop.。
“Investment five billion starts,But it is an investment,Edited by investing,If the effect is good,Finely invest in one-time investment。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Ye Shuangzhou also nodded:“That new wine industry,Are you ready to let others enter the share??”
“It is a must,After all, the business of making a fortio can’t let me do it alone??”
Ye Shuangzhou heard this and laughed。
Because Li Hui Feng gives this answer is very obvious that he is prepared for him.。
Think here,He feels that Ye Double is ready to prepare in advance.。
On the evening,Ye Shuangzhou and Li have a lot of wine.。
Different is that Li Hui is out of the door.,Slightly running,Emit a wine,I woke up directly.。
And the rumored rumors were supported by Li Hui Rong.。
Originally, the doubles are also just returned.,I didn’t expect Li Hui Hui to help her brother.。
Immediately help the leaves of the boats to the bed。
Just when Li Hui is going to go,Ye Shuanghuang suddenly thinks what。
Go on:“I have to find a hundred years of wine cellar I have gave you a,But in the mountains,Road is not good,The advantage is in Shenjia Village。”
“How about it?
Chapter 1,525 praises