“But there is a premise,Only by acquiring good terms can Honda get good publicity,If the final result of Fernandez is terrible,It hurts Honda’s brand power a lot……”

A group of senior executives at Honda Technical Research have their own words,Opposed,Also supported,No one can convince anyone。
Facing everyone’s argument,Hedao did not express his preference,finally,His eyes fell on the vice president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、He is also the next president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、My younger brother、The second disciple of Honda Soichiro Kume is Shi:“Kume-kun,What do you think?”
Kume Shishi bowed slightly,Shen Sheng:“I agree with Kawamoto-kun。”
“Oh?”Hedao’s preferences seem a little surprised。
Kume Shishi said:“in my opinion,Honda’s support for Fernandez this time,Is actually an investment,Since it is an investment behavior,To allow risks。”
Finished saying this,He just kept silent。
“Then do it,”Kawashima thought about it for a moment,Finally nodded:“Honda now,Need to gain visibility in the North American market,It is necessary to let Americans know,Honda can not only make fuel-efficient family cars,In the field of racing, which represents the peak of technology, there can also be achievements that others cannot match.。”
Compared to working with others,Obviously the cost of working with Fernandez is much smaller。
Chen Geng didn’t know that Honda Motor Co., Ltd. made a decision so quickly,Relying on his understanding of little devil,I think it’s fast if Honda Motor Co., Ltd. can answer itself within a month.。
Chen Geng, who knows the little devil’s temperament well, is not in a hurry,Anyway, from the beginning he didn’t expect much from Honda.,In line with“Honda willing,I made it,Honda stingy。I didn’t lose anything”Mentality,What to do,Like now,In Chen Geng’s view,Entertaining Todd and the others is much more important than caring about when the little devil agrees to his terms……
“Fernandez,We have all considered,”Grab the coffee and drink it all,Todd explained his intentions on behalf of these used car dealers in Detroit:“We are ready to fully introduce your used car sales system,And fully cooperate with you in second-hand car inspection。”
Following Todd,The others nodded。
“Congratulations everyone,”Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“Everyone made a correct decision,I wish us a happy future cooperation。”