“Leave something?I have three yuan here, do you want?”

Xia Chenglong took the three-sister one-yuan coin out of his pocket,Everyone felt a little dumbfounded,It’s only three yuan for a plaque together?What’s more, this guy came here to make it clear!
“Good boy!Leave your dog!”
Be so humiliated,How could Li Die’s temperament stand it?,Put your hand directly on the back,I instantly copied a few hidden weapons I was carrying with me in my hands,Shake hands,Three poisonous silver needles rushed directly to Xia Chenglong’s head and flew directly over.!
Xia Chenglong didn’t panic at all,The same wave,A few coins in my hand were thrown out instantly,I saw sparks in the air instantly!
“Ding Ding Ding!”
Three times in a row,The hidden weapon thrown by this guy was directly broken by the coin in Xia Chenglong’s hand!
“Fast response speed!”
Li Die was also taken aback by this guy,I didn’t expect to meet such an expert today,You have to know that your hidden weapon is often a magical skill that can directly take away human life.!
But now there is no way,Xia Chenglong blocked this guy’s hidden weapon and went straight forward,Palms,Rowed to Li Die’s chest fiercely,Because I can’t reveal my true identity,So during this time Xia Chenglong has also decided,I no longer use swordsmanship and skills I have used before,Palm!
Anyone who learns martial arts must understand,And when Xia Chenglong was in this state,,It’s already a door to door,There is one truth in the world,Most of these things are a matter of talent,No sword,I can’t use my best ability,But the empty-handed combat power will not be too weak。
Li Die quickly drew two short knives from her body,Holding the short knife in both hands, he rushed directly towards Xia Chenglong!
Both are fast,A lot of afterimages flashed between the two,In fact, Xia Chenglong can easily kill people of this level with just a casual slap.,But in order to control his performance to a certain level,So this guy didn’t use too many powerful moves。
“it is good!”
The fight between the two is indistinguishable,To know,This is a holy battle,This fierce battle is basically invisible in this place,A group of people saw the two playing enthusiastically,He didn’t hold back and started to applaud!
“Ghostly invisible!”