In Zhang Cheng’s house,Seems to be filled with mist。

Feynak and Zhang Cheng discussed,It’s time to take action against Ye Xingkong。
in fact,Feynak has always wanted to retrieve the spaceship,His spacecraft fragmented and disappeared,Still have a glimmer of hope,Want to put Harry(Ye Xingkong’s name on the gray planet)Own spacecraft,Efforts to find Harry spacecraft,Once Harry is removed,What a wonderful thing it would be to take the spaceship back to the gray planet。
In Feynak’s philosophy, the place where he lives is not destroyed,Only the kingdom is destroyed。
“I am now on the earth with a different look,Unable to move freely。”The blood and wounds on Feynak’s body have long since healed,He is a little later than Ye Xingkong’s injury。
“Is there any way to change?”Zhang Cheng asked。
Two people are talking in secret in the secret room。
“I searched the earth for a long time before I found Harry,Do you know who harry is?”Feynak asked。
Zhang Cheng looked at him suspiciously。
“I heard you say that Ye Xingkong is exactly the same as Ding Kelan, the second son of the Ding family.,Just can’t speak,Very smart,I was a little suspicious at the time,Observe after this time,And yesterday’s clash,I confirmed that he is the Harry I was looking for。”Feynak inference。
“Harry?Who is harry?”Zhang Cheng asked。
“Is my mortal enemy on the gray planet,After Star Wars,I fell to the earth with him,Just don’t know the location,It turns out that the person I’m looking for is by my side,Hahahaha~。”Feynak had a magic smile。
“Turned out to be like this,But why he became a human,Become Ding Kelan’s appearance,”Zhang Cheng asked。
“You know something,Because he has Ding Kelan blood on him。”Feynak says。
“You mean he killed Ding Kelan,And drank his blood。”Zhang Chengwen。
“I don’t know if I kill or not,But I know that after drinking the other party’s blood,Will quickly grow to look like a drunk。”Feynak said,Touched my face,A sinister glance at Zhang Cheng。
Zhang Cheng trembled all over,Fear,Muscle tightening,Take a few steps back quickly,Quickly put on calmness。