Speaking of unions,Bill·Ford’s face suddenly doesn’t look good:“Those greedy vampires!”

First1135chapter gossip
We have known each other for so long,Did you see me joking with you?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Asked rhetorically。
“How not?”Bill·In Ford’s heart, he remembered Chen Gengkeng’s own past clearly.,Hear words,Said immediately:“The year before last……”
“OK OK,”See Bill·Ford started to settle old accounts with himself,Chen Geng hurriedly interrupted him:“Don’t you know that the union is preparing to trouble me?”
Bill·Ford stopped talking,The North American Auto Workers Association is ready to useAMCThe Auto Workers Association’s opportunity to re-elect the chairman will put its hands inAMCThings in the group,Of course he knows,In fact,Bill·Ford has always been envious of Chen Geng’s ability to block the North American Auto Workers Association like a vampire over the yearsAMCOutside the car——Just because of this,AMCThe annual fixed cost of the car is hundreds of millions of dollars less than that of Ford.,And this reduction of hundreds of millions of dollars in fixed expenses isAMCCar competitiveness。
“You really have a way?”For a while,Bill·Ford asked Chen Geng。
Chen Geng nodded,Seriously:“Bill,You should understand,The union is our common enemy,At this point,Our position is the same,I’ll help you,Actually helping me。”
“Ok,”Bill·Ford nodded:“What are you going to do?”
Yes,The positions of the two sides on the trade union are the same,For Chen Geng’s remarks,Bill·Ford agrees。
Chen Geng smiled:“Very simple,You don’t have to do anything,When I make a big noise next,All you have to do is to express your disinterest in the American auto market。”