Bao Yuqing speaks on behalf of the Bao family,This remark,Suddenly attracted the attention of the audience。

“Don’t hide,The priest has sent two major disciples,To get rid of evil on Hong Kong Island,I believe news will come back soon,That man is evil,It’s time for retribution。”Bao Yuqing is eloquent。
“The wicked man Yuqing said is?”Someone nearby couldn’t help but ask。
Many people present were confused,I don’t know who the evil of Hong Kong Island is in Bao Yuqing’s mouth。
“Just a few days ago,Grandson of Bao Lao Chuan Wang,Which is my nephew,Killed by someone。And the Jade Prince who gained fame on Hong Kong Island some time ago,Also died in this person’s hands。”
Bao Yuqing paused,Keep saying:“More than that,This person is evil,And last year’s film tycoon Mr. Chai Jinxiong,Mr. Zhao Rensong, President of the Hong Kong Island Chamber of Commerce,All died at the hands of this person。
Such evildoers,Damn long ago!Unfortunately the police are incompetent,There are no real heroes on Jianghu Road,No one on the huge Hong Kong Island dared to stand up for justice。It is said that this person has colluded with the great warlord of the Golden Triangle recently,To exploit the interests of Hong Kong Island as a whole,Really hateful!”
“but,Fortunately, we hired Sommeron,There are gods on Hong Kong Island,Kill this dog,Worry-free on Hong Kong Island!”
After Bao Yuqing finished speaking,Silence,Everyone was shocked。
All the people present are well informed,Naturally it is not difficult to guess who he is going to deal with。
If someone can’t even guess this,It can only be said that the actual influence on Hong Kong Island is too weak,No access to the content of the core circle at all。
Zheng Yiyi also heard the news,She was shocked at first,Because she didn’t expect the Bao family to say such secret things in public.,This can only mean that they have the chance to win,Eliminate Lu Menglin with absolute certainty。
And the high priest Sommeron,It’s even more impressive,Like a ghost,No need to think about it,Have this person