The arrival of Xia Jian,Surprised the staff on duty at the breeding plant,They thought,Maybe something big happened,Or it’s midnight,How did the two village heads come to the farm。

In Xia Sanhu’s office,Xia Sanhu,Song Fang and Chen Erniu,The three of them looked nervous,Zhao Hong’s face is a little relaxed,But sitting silently。
“Are you dumb??Can you speak,Who put in the self-proclaimed reporter?”Xia Jian patted the table,Very loud。
Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian secretly,Whispered:“It’s like this in the factory now,Let’s not investigate this first,Put all your energy on the epidemic”
“Are you smart?,What am i asking,What are you answering me?”Xia Jian shouted loudly。
Chen Erniu hurriedly pulled Song Fang’s clothes corner,Whisper:“Not talking can suffocate you,Mr. Xia asked,There must be a reason for him to ask like this“
“Let me give you the bottom line,The unknown outbreak this time,It’s probably related to human,So this person has a lot of doubts,You won’t tell me,I will ask the police to ask you tomorrow”Xia Jian said,Stood up,Make a move。
suddenly,Song Fang sitting well,Slipped off the chair,Collapsed on the ground,She cried:“President Xia!I put this person in,Do not sue the Public Security Bureau,I confess all”
“what?You stinky girl,How could you do such a thing”Chen Erniu cursed,Slap it,This guy is really a guy,In the face of big things,Still distinguish the importance。
Xia Sanhu stopped Chen Erniu,Lower your head and say:“President Xia!This matter has something to do with me,Punish me!I was confused for a while,Greedy for a little bargain”
Wong Ba Squeezed Lentils,All squeezed out,Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said:“Give me less nonsense,Tell me what happened”When saying this,Xia Jian gritted his teeth with hatred。
Song Fang shuddered,Stood up,She thought for a while and said:“One day at noon,I went home with something,Rush to the factory,A man riding a motorcycle caught up with me halfway,Say he is a reporter,I want to write a special report about the breeding plant,If i can put him in,Just give me two hundred yuan”
“You stinky girl,For two hundred yuan to cause such a big mess,I want to divorce you”Chen Erniu,Roared。