Next, Leo went around a few more places,Are quite famous chambers of commerce。

Unfortunately,There are two ancient devil fruits,But even the fossil pterosaurs can’t match。
As for Eudemons and Nature, there is no drama。
“Leo boss,Are you looking for fruit for your partner?”
Leo nodded:“That is my most important partner,I went to the sky island to find the fruit of the thunder!”
Heard Leo’s words,Anilu can’t help but click,It’s a pity you are half a step slow,He ate first。
Ainilu can only feel lucky,If the slow person is him,Then he is afraid that he will stay on the sky island all his life,Being bullied。
And now he has learned from many sources,I already know what the Thunder Fruit represents,That’s a shortcut to the strong。
“Let’s go,There cannot be the fruit I need here!”Leo stayed in the capital of business all day long,But there is no news at all。
“It’s been five days since I came out,But no news at all!”Leo sitting on the sea train,Looking at the surrounding sea,With a trace of anxiety in my heart。
Can’t help but not worry,Green Bull made up his mind this time,If he doesn’t do anything,Then the green bull will die。
“Green Bull,Why are you so stubborn?”
Leo’s thoughts keep changing,Suddenly the phone worm in his arms remembered。