Ouyang Hong on the phone heard that Xia Jian was going to plant peppercorns in the hillsides and wasteland of Pingyang Town,She promised:“Don’t worry about this,I immediately called Mayor Zhao,You will send someone to discuss this tomorrow,If the two masters agree,Sign the agreement quickly”

Xia Jian was overjoyed,Immediately smiled and said to Guo Meili and Xi Zhen:“New job here,You guys are working overtime tonight,Make a good land transfer agreement on barren hills and wastelands in Pingyang Town。Arrive to Pingyang Town early tomorrow morning to discuss with Mayor Zhao,Must be within one day tomorrow,Promise to sign this agreement with each village”
“Need to be in such a hurry?”Zhao Hong couldn’t help asking。
Xia Jian glanced at these three people and said:“Business opportunities are lost immediately,Move quickly if you see it right。Otherwise, others will take advantage of it later,I didn’t even have tears when I cried“
“Not as exaggerated as you said!Which wasteland hasn’t been seen for years,It’s impossible for someone to rob you overnight?“Zhao Hong still doesn’t believe it。
Xia Jian really wanted to tell Hu Huiru’s investment in Pingdu,But when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed again。After all, this matter is hard to say now,If Wang Youdao knows about it,This will not benefit Ouyang Hong at all。
Guo Meili and Xi Zhen are subordinates of Xia Jian,When the two of them heard the boss arranged like this,I got up and went to work separately。Because Xia Jian said that,There must be some truth。
Xia Jian who drinks good tea,So he got up and went to his office。He took a look at the off work time,Immediately called Wang Lin,One call,He said in a hurry:“Hurry up and contact your classmates from Southwest Agricultural Research Institute,Find us a batch of pepper saplings“Wang Lin,Answered and hung up,She has heard that this matter is urgent。
First0934chapter Pay for Merry
Night in the mountains,Dark。
Wang Youcai in his sleep feels someone has opened his door,But he can’t open his eyes。I ran into the city two days ago,Was dragged by Lan Ling to meet a friend,It means that people want to climb his relationship。
I want to be with you,Wang Youcai hardly knows who his last name is。Big drink,Eating meat。After that, just fool around with the beauties。So when he returned to the mountain today,Already exhausted,No strength,Did not eat dinner,Fall asleep。
By his feeling,It’s at least two or three o’clock at night now,Since this time,Then why do people still drill into his house?Could it be a thief,Think of thief,Wang Youcai sat up fiercely:“Who?”
“Damn!it’s me,You have no conscience”A woman’s voice came。