then,Zhang Song made an appointment with some good buddies in the Jingnan University of Science and Technology E-sports Club,Fight for the reputation of the gods in public channels,Launch a decisive battle against anyone who dissatisfied,If you lose, you’ll be called Dad。

“Some people really dare to fight,Watch our e-sports club defend the way,Punish all defilers for the gods!Come brothers!Fuck these sons!”Zhang Song likes to play games very loudly,Shocked many people in Internet cafes。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“exactly!Brothers follow me!Just fuck him!Oh shit,I hurt my leg,Let me find a place,Picking up the rocket launcher and blasting your grandsons to death!”
The internet cafe was out of power at this time,An angry Zhang Song slammed on the keyboard,Drop the headphones directly into the instant noodle bucket,Noodle soup spilled on a table。
“Boss!what happened?Early without power failure,No power out,The power went out during Lao Tzu’s game,Let the turtles and grandchildren have a chance to rub back and forth on Laozi!”Zhang Song is angry,The native dialect of Sichuan accent comes out。
“Don’t worry,Let the network manager find the fault,Call me right away!”Unexpectedly, the owner of the Internet cafe is also a fellow in southern Sichuan。
“Not urgent?If you can rush to the wall!I lost the game and became a son,Abandon the team members and drop by themselves. This is called grandson,Where do you let Lao Tzu’s prestige look??”Zhang Song lit a cigarette,The whole person is melancholy like a piece of bacon dried in March,Bitter in my heart。
“No hurry,Look there,Isn’t there a computer in an Internet cafe surrounded by many people??”
Zhang Song looked around,There really is a computer in the Internet cafe that hasn’t powered off,A lot of people are here right now。
Zhang Song walked over and took a look,42A boy with short hair and glasses sitting in front of the computer of the number machine,The temperament of a slightly weak scholar,The most incredible is,It’s not that his computer didn’t power off,And he was using the computer in the Internet cafe to code words crazy。
“Is there any mistake,All players who play games will be powered off,Those who write can be spared?”Zhang Song thought。
“Hey!Are you writing a paper??Do you know writing papers in Internet cafes,Just like watching the news,What a waste of network resources?Why don’t you give me the machine?”Zhang Song42The boy in front of the machine said。
The boy stopped the code word,Replied:“the first,I’m not writing a paper,As a campus reporter for a press agency,Must ensure the timeliness of news articles,So I am also very anxious;second,I spent the same internet fee as you,Why talk about waste?”
“Wait a minute,I have a little impression of you,Are you from Lu or something in the second class of law??Lu Yi?Our classmates!”Zhang Song finally remembered,This gentle boy with glasses is his classmate,It’s just that he likes to absent from school for a long time,The two don’t meet much,Also completely unfamiliar。
“Zhang Song,People from South Sichuan,First semester of freshman9door,Admiral of the Nine Gates,The most terrifying thing is when the professor asks you what is the crime of deception,You answer,professor,You use my ignorance to make me suffer from the crime of deception.。”Lu Yi said。
“It seems you know me quite well!We are classmates,You help me once,I have a very important game,Can you just lend me a computer for a while?”Zhang Song asked with a smile。
“not good。You and my path are different,Not conspiring。”Lu Yi is very determined。