If you have a good time in his heart, you are better than picking up the spring.,After all, the three people will definitely fight.,At that time he can fisher。

But now Li Hui’s arrangement,It is very likely to scare away from the people in the Fan.。
It is more likely to let the other person aware of someone。
“Hey-hey,N’t why,Because of this,Fan Zhong will definitely anger,At that time, you don’t divide the blue saple.,I feel that we have the opportunity to eat them.。”
The meaning of Li Boss is full of eating.?”
I heard the plan of Li Hui,Nie Yang is also a bit shocking。
After all, he still knows him.,I want to eat it all.,It’s not a small amount of money.。
“Correct,But before this, let them fire.,Then we fisher with fishermen。”
“Row,Then I will arrange it now.。”
For Nie Yang’s execution,Li Hui is still very satisfied。
“Remember to arrange, you don’t pretend to be the people of Ye Fengchun.,Don’t pretend to be the people of the four seas,Directly said that our people,Then”On the same day,Preparing to continue to enter the decoration with the real estate project, this side is connected to people。
The horse is also a scenery, which is very beautiful.。
“You have heard it.,We said our gold,If you dare to grab the site or engage in the land on our gold boss,Let you don’t do it directly.。”
Finish,The youth of the headband, one face, one face, people directly smashed。
On-site wolf borrowed。
After getting these,The younger brother beside himself:“Boss,People who are pretending to be gold Jiejie is too like.?”
It’s so clever, I have heard a work on the site.。
See the work of the grate,Take the lead youth directly and loudly。
Fan Zhong looked at the underground people in just one morning in the morning.,Smashing。
This is still the first time.。
Originally, this time, no need to bring brothers.,It seems that he is wrong now.。
He should take the brothers.,Otherwise, how can people be bullied?。
“Say,Who is hurting you?。”
“Boss,Is Jin Xijie,They are very arrogant,Directly reported the name of Jin Xijie,Say it is what we continue to stay on his site.,He has to use a stricter way.。”
Fan Zhong listened this,The brow wrinkled directly。
“That Jin Xijie started from picking up the wind and snow,It seems to be very,There is no glorious thing in the root of the root.,What are you afraid??
I am actually giving him a person.。”
Fan Zhong looked at one person being hit,Also think of more。
“You are so old and old.?
Isn’t there a hand??”