Where do institutions go in one week: Jiashi, Jinglin, etc. to study these stocks (list)

Where do institutions go in one week: Jiashi, Jinglin, etc. to study these stocks (list)

Where does the agency go in a week?

Harvest Fund, Jinglin Asset, etc. studied these stocks (list) Source: Securities Times Online Week (6.


21) A shares ushered in a surge, with the Shanghai Stock Index and the Shenzhen Stock Index increasing gradually by 4 respectively.

16% and 4.


iFinD statistics show that a total of 81 listed companies disclosed investigation reports in the two cities that week.

From the perspective of industry distribution, the companies being researched are concentrated in electronics, chemical, food and beverage industries.

  The electronics industry is the research focus of the organization ▲ ▲ ▲ According to industry classification, last week, the companies studied were mainly concentrated in the two major industries of electronics and chemical industry, involving 12 and 8 companies respectively.

In addition, the number of companies involved in food and beverage, electrical equipment, computer and other industries can also be.

  Recently, Guosen Securities released the 2019 investment strategy report for the electronics industry.

The report points out that the new demand for 5G communications + science and technology innovation board has promoted the domestic electronics industry’s innovation and upgrade. In the consumer electronics industry cycle in the past ten years, domestic companies have rapidly risen in the midstream components and downstream brands.

At present, regardless of international trade disputes or the upgrading of its own industry, it is imminent for the domestic industry to achieve independence and control.

In the science and technology board application enterprises, such as semiconductor equipment, chip design, new materials, high-end optical devices and other domestic high-quality upstream companies gathered.

In the future, new demand for 5G downstream will be gradually realized, supplemented by science and technology innovation boards, and the domestic industry will usher in a new round of innovation and upgrade cycles, while also cultivating better investment opportunities.

  In terms of investment strategy, the report pointed out that 5G construction will drive a new cycle of prosperity in the electronics industry.

In addition, the preliminary definition of the target of the subdivided areas in the upstream of the electronics industry chain to find high technical barriers, master core technologies, and good business models.

  In terms of the chemical industry, China Merchants Securities Research Report pointed out that the prosperity of the basic chemical industry has entered a downward period since the second half of 2018, and the decline in chemical product prices due to the weakening of downstream demand and the release of supplementary supply has led to a decline.

It is expected that environmental protection and safety will not be relaxed in the future, and demand expectations need to be revised. In the short term, the estimated level of the chemical industry has reflected different pessimistic expectations. There is not much room for the decline in prices of many chemical products. Investors are advised to pay attention to the obvious underestimation of integration advantages.White Horse, a subdivision leader in the deterministic growth of performance in the weak cycle and a high-quality target for new materials that benefit from trade friction and friction against imported substitutes.

  These listed companies receive the most attention. ▲▲▲ iFinD data shows that in terms of individual stocks, Hikvision has 84 conversion receiving agencies, ranking first; Zhongke Chuangda 南京夜网 has received 51 agencies, ranking second, and Wanliyang has gradually received46 institutions, ranking third.

In addition, Jinjia, Xinwei Communications, Dahua and other companies can also accept the number of institutions.

  At the survey meeting of Hikvision, relevant persons in charge answered the latest development of the company’s innovative business and whether it would spin off the listing of the science and technology board.

It pointed out that at present, the source of funds for Hikvision’s innovative business is two, one is the investment of listed company Hikvision, accounting for 60%, and the other is the investment of employees, accounting for 40%.Participation is relatively small, and now it is not absorbing third-party capital and no external financing.

Because financing will inevitably face the process of capital premium, Haikang hopes to do business with peace of mind and not spend its mind on pleasing investors and pleasing capital. The big bubble is not conducive to doing business well.

So at present, the company will not specifically consider whether to create a science and technology board. In the future, it will be a listed company whether to buy back or do a science and technology board. I believe it will come naturally.

  From the perspective of specific research institutions, private equity freshwater springs have studied Dahua shares, Hikvision, Zhongke Chuangda, etc., Jinglin Assets has investigated Jinjia shares, Dahua shares, and Xingshi Investment have studied Zhongke Chuangda;In terms of public funds, Boshi Fund researched Wanliyang, Xinwei Communications, Hikvision, etc., Huaxia Fund researched Wanliyang, Dahua Shares, HTC Electronics, etc., Castrol Funds researched Zhongke Chuangda, Hikvision, Southern Fund researched Zhongke Chuangda, Hikvision, Wen’s shares, etc., E Fund Fund researched Zhongke Chuangda; in terms of overseas institutions, Morgan Stanley studied Dahua shares, and Sequoia Capital studied HikvisionWei Shi, Goldman Sachs (Asia) studied Weichai Power, Lai Yifen, Kairun Co., Ltd., BlackRock Assets investigated Dir Laser, and Abu Dhabi Investment Bureau investigated Guanglianda.