For a time,They pointed around the two men,The people around also gathered,Talk a lot。

gradually,More and more people。Two men molested the beauty but got kicked,Still being watched by so many people、fling in teeth,I want to dig a hole on the beach to bury myself。
When Ji Yunfeng arrived,See this scene from afar,Get nervous instantly。That’s where Yushi is located,He worried about what happened to Yushi,Hurriedly ran over。
Wait for him to rush through the crowd,Saw two men on the beach,I was relieved。
Two men’s white chests each have a red mark like a shoe print,Still stained with some gravel。
Ji Yunfeng asked,I know what happened just now。
Listen to the description of onlookers,He thinks the people they are talking about are like poetry:Looks pretty、good body shape,Black curly hair,whiteTShirt,Black jeans。Looks weak,It’s not like having such a good skill,Such amazing power。
Ji Yunfeng looked in the direction they said,I soon saw Yushi。Yes,It’s this little girl, no doubt。
The poetry at this time is in focus,Head up,Facing the sea breeze, making a look to take off,As if the world around her has nothing to do with her。
Sister really didn’t mean to be in the arena,There is a legend of sister in the rivers and lakes。
Korean poetry became famous,The small video was posted online soon。
what“Bad youth molested beautiful women,Retribution!”、“Under the weak appearance,Is actually a powerful soul!”、“The original female anchor of Yidong Media, the young gangster Yong Dou,Actually a master of Taekwondo!”
Like this,All beautiful words。
When Yushi himself saw these videos,Ji Yunfeng’s steak、Grapefruit juice just served。
Not after a while,Her mobile phone is getting lively。Concerned about her、Confirmed to her,But most of them express admiration。Although this is not super positive news like doing something bravely,But after all, it shows that contemporary young women are not afraid of danger,A good spirit that dares to fight against evil forces,Possess positive energy。Yushi feels,At least not ashamed of Hengneng Real Estate。