Took a bite of fish,Luo Xiao suddenly raised his eyes,Watching Zhu Minglang,Asked:“Since I wish my little brother will enter the Dragon Training Academy,Then do you know how long the dragon is?What is your baby,Can you summon me to see?”

Zhu Minglang looked up at him。
Do you have a brain problem,I grilled such fragrant fish,You don’t enjoy food,But came to test me!
It really is a psychopath。
After a few words in my heart,,Zhu Minglang keeps the same smile as before,Replied:“Why did Mr. Luo make such a joke with me?,I’m not a true Dragon Shepherd,No spiritual realm,Unable to bring the young spirit into the spiritual realm。My young spirit is indeed a Chulong,But not convenient to carry,Still in the warm nest of the clan,Ready for hibernation。”
A young spirit is a young creature with the potential to transform into a dragon。
The dragon shepherd can’t call the young spirits freely,So taking care of the young is also a very tedious task,Almost no one will take a young spirit with weak self-protection ability far away,Not to mention the young spirits are not 100% able to transform dragons。
A young spirit that can’t transform a dragon,Worthless。
There are also many people who spend their entire lives,Spend all your wealth,You may not be able to choose the right young spirit that will eventually transform into a dragon。
Longmen,For too many people, it’s standing above the clouds,Not even qualified to pay respect。
“I can be regarded as a short time after stepping into Dragon Shepherd,Some common sense will get it wrong,Ha ha。How many times does the dragon wait?,I always feel that after my red training,Much better than other dragons。”Luo Xiao smiled hypocritically。
“Dragon sub-class、Dragon General、Dragon Lord、Dragon King、Dragon King……Probably the noble dragon blood of Mr. Luo,Is the potential of the dragon master。”Zhu Minglang laughed with him,In my heart, I have already cared Luo Xiao’s genealogy。
I’ll be in Zulong City soon,This Luo Xiao still doesn’t give up。
Obsession is really scary!
Luo Xiao used to watch the Valkyrie practicing sword,Was beaten up and expelled from the family。
Just peeking at the sword practice,Sword practice is not without clothes。