Han Wan was in a coma for two days,Still didn’t wake up。

Zhu Minglang knows how to overcome the smell,But Han Wan doesn’t wake up,I can’t teach her myself。
Besides, the internal organs also need a process of adaptation,Han Wan might die on the island if this continues。
“Have to find another way out,correct,That rift waterfall seems to have part of the water poured into the ground。”Zhu Minglang recalled the valley where the Tianshalong fought against the Sea Eagle Emperor。
The valley has cracks,Water gushing from under the crack,Thus formed the underground valley and river。
The water from the river will eventually be injected into the ocean,So follow the undercurrent under that crack,Maybe you can directly enter the country!
While thinking,A cough。
Zhu Minglang turned his head,Seeing Han Wan wake up,But cough a bit badly。
First413chapter Sea Banshee Dragon
Fed some water,Han Wan is obviously still not used to the smell here,I almost fainted several times。
“I……I’m not dead??”Han Wan looked at Zhu Minglang,I can’t believe it。