Speech,Huo laughs,The bite cut teeth, a big slap, 抽 狠 这 这 人。

The sound is brittle,It is unpredictable。
All stay。
Men’s head slammed,Magical horizontal 踉跄。
“you……You dare to http://www.zhuangyan086.cn hit me?”
How many years,He is a strong man,Have a long time in the outside world,He has been humiliated。
“Beat you?
Laozi still 踹 you?。”
Huo Guang is a big step,League your legs。
Man wants to hide,However, the body can’t keep http://www.wjtx8.cn aware.。
The pressure here is too heavy.,Everyone just entered this,Not completely adapted。
Just like Huo Guang,At this time,Even the strength of running。
boom!He was taken on his stomach,Body-shaped,Flush,Ten meters were taken over to the ground。
No one thinks,Huo Guanghui is so this。
Said hands。
Men’s half of the ground,Face color,Hit,Resentment。
Huo Lang is cold and cold,Going to the face and good man。
“What did you say?
You know the rules here?”
The smile on the men’s face disappeared,Transpondering the gas field of the host,“Do you know what you are doing??”
Snapped!Huo Guangyu smiled,Pu fan big slap slap,Suddenly there is a synonic sound。
This person’s face has a clear five fingerprint。
“I still threaten me on this grunge look.?”
Huo Guang smashed,Gaze,Immediately open your http://www.bjztba.cn mouth,Come to Zhao’s face。
“What did you say?
I am guilker is not a leader.?”
Zhao has changed color。
“I delay you.?
Be right,Laozi is delaying you.,You are not satisfied?”
Zhao is clenched with his fist,Cold cold look at each other。
“Dare to see me like this?
Laozi smoked you!”
Huo Guangku,Big ear。
Zhao is ready to prepare,Lift your arms crossed。
“boom”A slap is heavy on his arm,The huge force is in the face。
Zhao is back to the whole person,哒 哒 哒。
Huo Guang did not stop。
He obviously wants to stand upright,Gaze,Finally, I laughed.,I stared in the summer.。
Big step。