Can homemade fruit enzymes really lose weight?

Can homemade fruit enzymes really lose weight?

Homemade fruit enzymes can really lose weight and beauty? “Want to lose weight?

Try the homemade fruit enzyme diet that is circulating online.

“It is said that when you are hungry, you should drink enzymes and don’t eat anything else all day.”

Pick one to three days a week to lose weight, you can lose 3 to 10 kilograms a month.

“On Weibo, WeChat, Post Bar and some health forums, the legend about fruit enzymes can lose weight has been reprinted by netizens.

What is “fruit enzyme”?

How is it made?

Said that it has weight loss, detoxification a variety of magical effects, in the end can not be reliable?

Nutrition experts will answer your questions. In fact, fruit enzymes are not a myth. If not handled properly, food poisoning may occur.

Experts caution that health is more important for healthy eating habits to prevent obesity, rather than after-the-fact remedies.

Disambiguation: In the end, what is the “fruit enzyme” online rumored fruit enzyme production method: firstly, the fresh fruit is washed and cut, and then layered into a sealed can, one layer per layer, plus a layer of sugar;Finally, the jar is sealed and waited for a few days of fermentation to pour out the “nectar” rich in “fruit enzymes”.

This method is very similar to the process of brewing wine, but it is a variety of fruits, and the alcohol and sweetness of the grapes will be higher.

It is also like the method of making Sichuan kimchi, just replace the vegetables with fruits, plus some salt and pepper.

The “fruit enzyme” that is incorporated is actually equivalent to adding more sugar, but there is no “kimchi juice” with salt and pepper.

“In fact, fruit enzymes are enzymes.

“Nutritionists pointed out that a bottle of “fruit enzyme” is essentially a fruit released and added sugar, lactic acid bacteria produced by lactic acid or yeast, alcohol, amino acids, vitamins and other metabolites, plus a large number of lactic acid bacteria or yeasta mixture of bacterial cells.

Its composition is not substantially different from sauerkraut juice or wine.

Tucao: homemade “fruit enzymes” have a lot of wine. In the process of DIY, many netizens found that the fruit was fermented to produce bubbles. They worried that the bottle would explode. Every day, the bottle cap was opened and shaken once, but a layer of suspected mold appeared.

Some people think that if there is mold precipitation, you can drink it by filtering it out, but some people think it is too unreliable and worry that it will be poisonous when drinking.

There are more questions that come with it.

Some netizens spoke out that the “fruit enzymes” produced in the same way are “more expensive than beer.”

The nutritionist pointed out that under normal circumstances, “suspected mold” appears to be basically dumped.

The “fruit enzyme” produced by myself has a wine taste, which is the result of yeast activity.

Yeast grows rapidly in the fermentation environment. Some people say that when making “fruit enzymes”, bubbles are produced, which is the carbon dioxide produced by yeast.

However, when the oxygen in the container is replaced, the yeast begins to produce alcohol, and the taste of the wine is produced.

Rumors: The enzymes produced by pickled fruits may be so harmful that fruit enzymes are really amazing and can lose weight?

The nutritionist explained that the fruit enzyme is a fruit and sugar sealed and fermented in a ratio of 1:1. The sugar content of the produced material itself is still not low, and the conversion is probably too much.

According to the online statement, “When you are hungry, you should drink enzymes and don’t eat other things all day.” Do you know how much you have to drink in one day?

If the blood sugar is high, the risk is inevitable.

“If you pick fresh fruit with sugar, you can produce so-called “fruit enzymes”, which are also some unidentifiable enzymes.

Said that it can lose weight and health, I think it is not reliable!

“Nutritionists point out that most enzymes are proteins that catalyze biological activity. They have a wide variety of functions and their effects are different. Some are beneficial to the human body and may also have adverse effects.

If the production process is not hygienic, it is susceptible to mold contamination.

Even if fresh fruit is sugared and sealed, all the sanitary conditions are fine, but what is it?

If there is an enzyme, is it a certain type of enzyme?

There are no reliable links at the moment, and scientific experiments can make these problems clear.

In fact, homemade “fruit enzymes”, it is impossible to want any beneficial enzymes that can be directly produced; on the contrary, the enzymes produced are likely to be harmful to the body.

If you feel unwell for a long time, you will lose more. Suggestion: Fresh fruit can be eaten directly and healthily. Basically, processed fruits are mostly in the fruit-producing area. This is to better preserve and utilize, and avoid excessive production and rot.

But fruit enzymes can prevent the production of canned fruit, not to prevent decay.

Fruit enzymes use the principle of fermentation and are not corrupt.

After the fermentation, it can be eaten.

But a lot of nutrients will be destroyed and some vitamin C will be consumed in large quantities.

However, from the perspective of nutritional value, fresh fruit should be washed and eaten directly to be more beneficial to health.

Because fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and mineral fibers, they are sugared after being cut and will destroy and cause the loss of these active ingredients; according to the direct consumption, the nutrients in the fruit can be used and absorbed instead.
For health, what’s more important is healthy eating habits, preventing excessive production, not after-the-fact replacement.

It is recommended to lose weight by improving living habits, which is more reliable than drinking “fruit enzymes”.