George·It’s not that Walker didn’t think about his livelihood after he was released from prison.,This year he has48Up,Even if I can get out of jail after three years,Also in his early 50s,I want to find a job that can support myself、It’s not too difficult to feed a family。

As for continuing to mix gangs after speaking out,Do not make jokes,Fernandez·How could Chen not attack the gang he originally controlled?
In his vision,I can get out of jail smoothly after three years、And can find a job that can make ends meet,Even if God bless,But now Mr. Fernandez, who sent himself to prison by himself, said that he could give himself another job?!
real or fake?
Chen Geng hasn’t spoken yet,Statham rushed to say:“What is your identity?The boss will lie to you?”
George·Walker did not speak,But staring at Chen Geng。
For George·Walker,If what Chen Geng said is true,It means that although I no longer have the wealth and glory of the past,,Can also guarantee a middle-class life,That’s not bad,But Mr. Fernandez really didn’t lie to himself?
“We all understand,You are just a tool used by others,”Meet George·Walker’s eyes,Chen Geng said slowly:“You caused me such a big loss,Of course i am annoyed,But what really annoys me is the one who used you,In order to find that guy,It’s not impossible to give you a job。”
This is really out of George·Walker’s surprise,But George·Walker thought about it,I think it makes sense:Does Mr. Fernandez hate himself??This is nonsense,I caused you2000Do you hate me for a loss of more than ten thousand dollars?But it’s definitely not me who hates most,But the one who directed me behind。
Thought of here,George·Walker took a deep breath,Shen Sheng:“Mr,Can I ask what kind of job you gave me?Let me enter the union?”
Thinking of Michelle who betrayed her··Apple,George·Walker hates itchy teeth,Think of what Chen Geng said will give yourself a job,George·Walker couldn’t help but think about it:Could it be that Mr. Fernandez intends to return himself to the union,To counterbalance that bastard Apple?Ok,Probably……
“what are you thinking?union?You really dare to think……”Chen Geng couldn’t help laughing,He really admired George to death·Walker’s imagination:“It’s okay to tell you,How about mexico?”
Go to Mexico?
This arrangement of Chen Geng really goes beyond George·Walker’s surprise,He knows that the company wants to set up a branch in Mexico,but……Go to Mexico by yourself?
Although George·Walker doesn’t like Mexico,But Chen Geng’s attitude made George·Walker let go:If Fernandez didn’t really think about it,It’s impossible for him to tell him to go to Mexico。