Alternative health regimes for men

Alternative health regimes for men

Men work hard all day, and it is not wise to bet on their own health in order to work hard.

Men’s health care is actually not that much trouble, and you can’t prevent trying the following simple and novel alternative methods.

  Sneak a little lazy to help you get up longevity every day, busy people may get into the grave prematurely.

Stealing a little laziness from time to time can not only reduce work stress, but also the key to longevity.

Studies have shown that taking a short break at noon is more prolonged than playing tennis, and the elderly always run and consume energy that is used to regenerate cells or fight disease.

Psychologists say that even if you are daydreaming at home, your brain is processing important information, and your thinking is more active.

  Short-term stress enhances the memory of long-term life stress, such as divorce, which can damage the human immune system and easily become infected.

But research has found that short-term urgency events can improve the brain’s learning ability and memory.

This is because stress hormones affect parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional and learning abilities, and the dramatic increase in stress converts the information-transmitting substance glutamate to spread faster, thereby enhancing memory.

  Loud music stimulates brainpower A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that the balloon in the human inner ear is only sensitive to a volume of more than 90 decibels, and the balloon is connected to areas of brain processing, happiness and fever.

The excitement of high-decibel music can satisfy these desires, and we will feel calm inside.

  Reasonable anger is good for blood pressure A study by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States found that when anger is expressed correctly when depression, blood pressure will not only maintain normal levels, but also the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which produces stress.

Psychological research shows that angry people have a more positive attitude and sense of control; they try to restrain their inner anger, and stress hormones will rise sharply. In the long run, heart disease will notice you.

  Video games help you exercise. Scientists have discovered that when people play video games, their heart rate increases, their breathing is short, and the body consumes more energy.

If you can’t participate in real physical exercise, playing games can also help you lose weight, at least better than sitting on the couch silly and eating fries while watching TV, but you can only play for too long.

  Speaking swear words to alleviate pain Speaking swear words is a bad habit of being shameless, so it has the benefit of pain relief.

Psychologists believe that swearing is related to the adrenaline-regulating effect, which aggravates people’s tendency to aggression.

Studies have shown that the more a person wants to invade others, the less sensitive he is to pain.

  Unexpectedly, the “bad” habits that have been criticized in daily life have helped health care. Are men afraid of failing to recruit?