Hu Yang smiled,Speak to the people who are still stunned:“Since he gave it to you,Then play!remember,Don’t use your own money to play,It’s over if you lose it all,Understand?”

Gambling is human nature,Even women are no exception。Especially coming to this kind of place,Hard to restrain,If it wasn’t for Brother Hu by his side,,Maybe they plan to play a few。
right now,Each of them has tens of thousands of chips from Jiangnan boss,With Hu’s permission,Can’t restrain it anymore。
Just when they were about to rush in,Populus speaks again:“and many more。”
Finished,He also exchanged a lot,About two million chips,Give some to Huazai:“okay,Go and play!Don’t be too crazy,Stop when you lose,Understand?”
Everyone else is heading towards their favorite type of gambling,Only Huazi stayed with Hu Yang,He has not forgotten his serious work。
“Too complicated,we will not,Just go guess the size!”Populus euphratica。
Hua Zi naturally has no opinion,He intends,What will Brother Hu suppress?,He keeps up。This guy,I have completely convinced Populus。
Sitting,Is a Taiwanese,That dice is really professional,Very ornamental。
Everyone is familiar with dice,Kids all play,Is a cube,There are one to six holes on each,Chinese traditional folk entertainment used to throw games,As early as the Warring States Period。
Legend,The inventor of the dice is Cao Zhi, a writer of the Three Kingdoms era,Originally used as a divination tool,Later it evolved into a game of harem concubine,Roll the dice to count wine or silk sachets, etc.。At that time, the points of the dice were painted black,Miaohong was only added in the Tang Dynasty。
Populus knows,Chinese dice was never invented by Cao Zhi,Because the dice unearthed from the Qi Tomb of the Warring States Period in Qingzhou, Shandong have proved that the dice were not invented by Cao Zhi。
dice,As one of the six Chinese gambling games,Regarded as the ancestor of Chinese Bog,Has become more popular in the late Spring and Autumn Period。
but,The dice back then were not what they are now。
Really domestically made dice in China14Face and18surface,The dice unearthed from the Tomb of Emperor Qin Huang are authentic Chinese dice,Engraved Chinese characters,The multi-faceted dice since the Qin and Han dynasties have followed cultural exchanges,Later, point one said it was introduced into China,Then combine Chinese and Western,Only now we have the common dice。
Since the Qing Dynasty,The entertainment method of dice is basically decided,Generally used3Dice and dice cup。The simplest dice cup can be replaced by wooden bowl or tile bowl,Put a bottom plate underneath,Cover with the dice cup when throwing the dice,Neither the dealer nor the player knows the number of dice。
This method is mysterious,Convenient for the dealer to create an atmosphere,So that players can gather to place bets。