so many people,Naturally, I don’t worry about what threat a Situ Yan poses to them,All gearing up,Eager to try,Just be good for a while,I’ll definitely be able to add money by then!

Thought of here,They didn’t even look at Situ Yan。
“Ah!Move again,I will make you regret。”
Upon seeing,Everyone feels that he is overpowering!They are specially trained bodyguards!Will be afraid of a kid?
But the next second,Their faces suddenly became frightened!
“Don’t let me say it a second time!roll!”
The black hole pointed at a few people,Everyone knows that he is not joking,It’s about my own life,Everyone has forgotten Yu Shan,Ran away like one after another
“you!Don’t come over!”
Saw him walking towards me,Yu Shan is a little scared,Accidentally fell down,She took a breath in pain。
Warm and Nuan didn’t expect him to have a gun,There was a shock in my eyes。
“I’m wrong!I will leave immediately!”
I can’t care if it’s raining,Yu Shan got up from the ground in embarrassment,Left as if running away,I’m afraid I’ll be one step late,I’m here to explain。
“All right?”