But for a top powerhouse like Wright。。。The rules often serve them。Even the Puppet City Lord who initiated this mission,It’s impossible to ignore this task。Although this seven-star mission cost more than ten trillion source stones,However, as the lord of the city, he can reimburse part of it,not to mention,Spend ten trillion source stones and make friends with Wright,Not a loss to him。

For Wright,He doesn’t care about the income of ten trillion source stones,In either the physical plane or the highest plane,To a certain extent,It doesn’t make much sense to increase。After all, on the material plane,God cannot be bought with gold coins,In the highest plane,The source stone can’t buy the main artifact,Can’t buy the Lord Godhead。
Of course if you are lucky,The power of the main god or the soul defense artifact may be bought,But even if you buy it, you have to invest a lot of human relations,It’s not just a matter of wealth。
But there is another thing mentioned by Lin Puppet City Lord,But let Wright pay more attention。That’s his title of elf。
Whenever a strong person reaches the level of seven-star elves,Will often have a title,Some of these titles are respected by others,Generally based on a certain trick or fighting style of the strong。
For example, Di Heron’s【Thunderhorn】It’s famous for its trick Thunderhorn attack,Igo’s【Longshan Wizard】It means that its fighting style is as heavy as a mountain。
As for the title of Wright,Generally speaking, it is waiting for him to spread,Many strong people gradually recognized a certain title。But there is no room for manipulation。For example, Yanyu Castle in Linpu City、Fairy Castle Sales Information,In fact, it is under the jurisdiction of the city owner to a certain extent,If Lin Puppet City Master writes a title in this information in advance,As long as the title itself is not too outrageous,Often no one will question。
Wright and Lin Puppet City Lord discussed this for a while,Wright was not very concerned about the symmetry at first。But after being reminded,He suddenly found,If the title is ugly,Fight against the strong at the same level every time,Someone will exclaim“Look,YesXXElves。。。”How sad it is。
finally,The title of Wright agreed by the two is【Lieshan Wizard】。
strong,Refers to Wright’s aggressive attack。
mountain,Refers to Wright specializing in the laws of the earth,Material attack is powerful,The trick is as heavy as a mountain,At the same time, gravity space is also extremely powerful。
Wright thought about it,Although this title is not that amazing,It sounds terrible at first,But also quite satisfactory,More in line with the naming rules of general titles。
After leaving the city lord of the puppet,Wright hasn’t taken a drink and rested for a while,A friend of Elek’s came in,Tell Wright that another Seven-Star Elf is visiting。
In just fifteen days,There have been ten seven-star elves,More than forty six-star elves came to visit Wright。
These powerful gods,Some are pure lesbian relationships,Some hope to hire Wright to complete some tasks—Wright knows too,In this circle of six-star elves and seven-star elves,Many tasks are first negotiated with a strong person,Go to the quest under the fairy castle。
But Wright should avoid trouble,Naturally declined these tasks。
But one of the higher gods who came to befriend him revealed a message during the conversation,Let Wright be wary。
This upper god claims to be Tasit·Edric,I am just a five-star elf,But he’s not humble to Wright。When he chatted with Wright, he revealed,The main strength of their family moved to hell,Fight with the four mythical beast family,Very heavy casualties。Of course this Tasite·It’s just a mention in Edric’s words,After all, he doesn’t have the power or weight to ask Wright to help the family。