“Bother you,Because someone reported,So we have to check,No best”The lead policeman said,Both eyes swept across Xia Jian’s body,I feel like Xia Jian is a dangerous person。

A false alarm,When everyone comes back to the house,It’s a little past midnight。Xia Jian lowered his voice,Quietly asked Han Juandao:“what happened?”He meant to ask where the gun went。
“Don’t worry about this,Let’s sleep!In case the partition wall has ears”Han Juan finished,Pulling Xi Zhen back to their room。
Although Xia Jian was full of puzzles,But he can’t think of it,So I fell asleep。Next morning,When Xi Zhen knocked on the door and called him,He just got up reluctantly。These days,The things you encounter not only burn your brain,And it’s very hard,So when he lay down,I don’t want to get up。
Outside,Xi Zhen bought breakfast from outside。Xia Jian let her in and began to wash,At this moment, Han Juan also ran into the house coldly。
“Where did you go?”Xia Jian was washing her face,Asked softly。
After Han Juan closed the door,Whisper:“I went out and went around the town,Found someone staring at our tip,Things are a bit complicated”
“Mrs. Lin, she knows we are here,I won’t stare at us secretly!It may be who blocked our car at night。It seems they are quite familiar with us,So it’s also an acquaintance。The top priority is to leave here quickly,So as not to have long nights and dreams”Xia Jian said softly,Greeted everyone to have breakfast。
After breakfast,Xia Jian asked Han Juan to put on him a silicone mask again,After that, he wore a big mask on his mouth。I wore a stocking chili hat on my head,Thus,Leaving only two eyes exposed。
Xia Jian walked to the west of Han Zhenzi alone,Han Juan and Xi Zhen followed far away,They are like spying。Town at this time,Seems quieter,Which bigger hotels are closed,Only a few small stalls selling breakfast。
Very few people come out to eat。Xia Jian didn’t rush,Walked towards the place he visited last night。I quickly walked to the edge of the town。When a village appeared,Xia Jian stopped。
The old man told him,Mei Tong lives in a small foreign house。It shouldn’t be hard to find,Thought of here,He walked towards the middle of the village。Approaching the foot of the mountain,A small three-story foreign building appeared in front of him like a group of chickens。
Xia Jian wanted to go straight over,But I’m afraid it will startle people,So I walked around from the side。Xiaoyanglou sits north facing south,If you climb which hill,Use the binoculars Han Juan brought,The situation in this small western-style building can basically be seen clearly。
Xia Jian with an idea,Then walked around the road to which mountain。Han Juan and Xi Zhen behind him followed him not far away,that’s it,The three of them got into the grove on the mountain。
After Han Juan and Xi Zhen follow,Xia Jian explained the situation to the two of them,Then I chose a big tree with a very good location,Then climbed up。