Ox cart。

Chen Xiu sitting cross-legged,Holding two booklets in one hand and watching,Wanli chasing step on the left,The one on the right is Xiaoyao Yufengbu。
Wan Ruyi’s guards outside the car are already asleep。
A smile flashed in Chen Xiu’s eyes,Speak softly:“That’s it!”
He jumped out of the carriage and ran towards the grove on the side,Left foot out,Both step‘Zhongfu’,Li Zhuan‘Jiji’,Just before‘Thai’Bit,One turn,Right foot on‘insanity’Bit,Knock forward,Like a phantom。
“It turns out that Xiaoyao Yufengbu is in this step‘Unreasonable’I replaced it with the one who chased the wind‘insanity’Bit can move quickly……Miaoya……Really wonderful……”Chen Xiu figured out one step,Just like breaking a bamboo,The following section is a pass Belden,He was surprised and happy,I remembered the two footwork over and over again several times,For fear of repeating the same mistakes,Jump out very slowly step by step,Take a step,Take a few breaths,Stay for 64 hexagrams,Footsteps round,Just feel refreshed,Body energy,Can’t bear it anymore,Shout:“Wonderful,Wonderful,Wonderful!”
And just when Chen Xiu practiced the new pace by himself,A wise warrior,When walking fast,A breeze brought out,Has been quietly hiding from the side to observe,But Chen Xiu was so intoxicated with his new light work that he didn’t even notice。
The person here is Bai Qinglin。
He was good at light work,At this time, I can see Chen Xiu practicing new light skills,I just feel that Chen Xiu’s figure is like a cloud covered with light,Fluttering like the wind returning to snow,Stand out,Fly without flying,Body Xun Fei Fu,Erratic。
“This person,So clever light work!”
“But he is still unfamiliar at first practice,If you train to great success,I’m afraid it’s mine‘Shocking’Not as good as him!”
I saw that Chen Xiu finished practicing and took out two booklets to try out carefully,Bai Qing’s heart moved:“Did he practice the light skills in the booklet?”