“Hello everyone。”Standing above the classroom is a chubby young man,Standing trembling,Wright is worried that he will fall at any time,This fat young man has this very rare purple hair,The round face is full of joy,“My name is big,Is a sixth-grade earth magic student,I live on Wendy Street2Dormitory,Come to me if you have any questions!Haha,There are nearly 20 new students here today,as usual,Now we invite new and old students to introduce themselves one by one,Everyone knows each other。”

All of the students immediately started to introduce themselves。
“My name is Spiegel,From the Magnolia Empire。”
When I heard this boy named Spiegel introduce himself,Wright below couldn’t help being surprised:“The Magnolia Empire has its own top magic school,It’s also very cheap for natives,Someone actually went abroad to study,strange。”
My name is carl,Locals in the Imperial Capital,Another teenager introduced himself on stage。But not Wright’s roommate,Carl is a very common name in the Puang Empire,Is also a native of the Imperial Capital,Only surprised Wright。
“My name is wright,From Northland Province。”Wright also walked to the front of the classroom,Briefly introduce yourself。
When a group of students have introduced themselves,Senior Bigger started to lecture。
Although Wright has studied meditation,But the real magic knowledge is also the first time I heard,I can’t help but prick my ears to listen。
“well known,Magic is divided into seven major departments,Ha ha,Like the legendary life magic and undead magic not to talk about,That our average magician can reach,Light and darkness,The seven magics of earth, wind, water, fire and thunder。”It’s completely different from a fat body,After the big senior enters the teaching state,Like the master of the three-foot podium,Let the students listen attentively。
“among them,Earth magic,Not the most aggressive,It’s not the most weird method,But it’s the most powerful of the seven major types of magic!”Watching some teenagers‘I know you will blow’’S eyes,Bige went on calmly。
“Yes,Many people think that all schools of magic are the same,This is not wrong!but,The power of magic is different in different environments。For example, in the ocean and other water areas,The strongest water magic。In some windy places,Wind magic is the strongest。”Wright seems to understand。
“More than 90% of the magicians in our entire continent,Battle location,Almost all on land?And on land,That land magician is the cheapest。Foot on the boundless earth,Earth magician has the greatest support。”Seeing the boys and girls are being bluffed,Beagle has a smile on his fat face,Continue to say。
“Earth magic,It is also the most comprehensive among all kinds of magic,Like fire magic thunder magic,Powerful,Dark magic is very weird。But they lack strong defense”
“Earth magic is the most powerful of all magic types,At the first and second level magicians,Earth shield with defensive magic、Earthen wall etc.。And once you become a level five magician,Can be displayed‘Guardian of the Earth’,‘Guardian of the Earth’This is a magic that keeps on improving。”