This is about to tear the skin to see the truth!Wang Shaoxiao’s face is a bit heavy,He also thought that Lu Menglin just called to bluff people on purpose。

The students present changed their minds for a moment,All figured out the key points。
Tong Lei is a native of Shenzhen,It’s normal for him to have a car at home,But Wang Shaoxiao is a foreigner,His fellow villagers are also outsiders,How come there are cars in the deep city?So that kid must have been bluffing just now!
Lu Menglin shrugged his shoulders indifferently,Lightly:“OK!Then wait!”
Everyone is interested,Waiting to see the last excitement before the holiday。
At this moment,Tong Lei, President Tong also stood up,Took out the phone and shook it,Then he smiled politely:“This classmate,Very sorry,We shouldn’t have that leisure time。Waiting for my car to come,We are going。”
After talking,Tong Lei got up and went out to call,Should have asked the family driver to drive over。
Wang Shaoxiao knew that Lu Menglin was rich,But this betting on cars,He has no bottom。
Lu Menglin sits still,Casually smiled:“Did you get your driver’s license during summer vacation??”
“what,Have,Yes!But I haven’t driven a car!”When Wang Shaoxiao heard this,,Suddenly I was a little anxious。
“It’s ok,I want to call someone back together,Then the road will let you practice。”Lu Menglin’s good time。
The girls at the table saw him still so calm,I glanced at him curiously one after another。
Li Bingting is also full of curiosity about this guy who has survived to the end,In fact, everyone has sympathy for the weak,I hope to see a reversed plot,It’s interesting because of that!Hope this guy won’t let
Disappoint yourself!
“Ugh!Do whatever you say!It’s meaningless anyway!”Wang Shaoxiao has watched this meeting too,The so-called dead pig is not afraid of boiling water,What about being laughed at?Anyway, he will definitely support Lu Menglin to the end。
Maybe,This guy will do some tricks!Wang Shaoxiao is not stupid,He knows very well,Lu Menglin has never disappointed。
quickly,There was the harsh sound of car horns at the restaurant entrance。
A red BMW parked in front of the hotel,The sound of the horn just now came from this car。