Suddenly the wind broke above my head,Feel a powerful sword,Thought it was Zhu Huiwei’s sneak attack again。
Li Zhen still popped up the spiral pill last time,Then I know that this time helix pill was suddenly split into two when it hit the knife,Wind disappears。
“Zhu Huiwei’s sword spirit is so powerful,Did he just hide his strength!”
Li Zhen’s heart trembled,I only feel the power of the knife to split the spiral pill,Continue to stab at my head。
“Golden bell!”
The air wall rises again,Protect the top of the head。
The gas wall of the golden bell was shattered by the knife gas,Li Zhen spit out blood,The slow look in the eyes is surprised:“Nine Pin Zhenqi!”
This knife was made by Chen Xiu on the tree,I just want to take advantage of Li Zhen’s attack in the dark fog,So hit him suddenly,I don’t want to hit with all my strength, I just broke his wall of gas。
“Another knife!”Zhu Huiwei next to him shouted。
“Can’t come,The knife just now exhausted all my Ninth Stage True Qi!”
“so what to do now?”
“What else,Run away!”
“Do not……No way,Zhang Haibao is still down,Can’t abandon him!”
“You can control him so much at this time……”