A mixed surprise appeared on Hamed’s face,sad,Even a look of rejoicing:“Teacher him,Fallen?”

Ruth Hammer nodded。
Both of them,The feelings for teacher Hamlin are very complicated。
Hamlin to the Dark Vatican,Same as Ernst to the Holy See of Light。But Hamlin chose to hide in the dark,Trained two holy mages, Hamed and Rushar, as the leaders of the Dark Church,And he himself is a magician who has not taken refuge in any major forces,Secretly control the power of the dark vatican。
The two of them are grateful to Hamlin,But also afraid of fear,Even Hamlin’s death was a relief for both of them。
“How did Lord Hamlin die?!”Bikeda who has been silent suddenly spoke,Although as a four-winged angel,Relatively average strength,And never progress,But he is most loyal to the Dark Church,At the same time the most calm。
Hammond organized the language,Open road:“The teacher arranged a round,He tricked Gaskell with a curse。Gaskell will most likely ask the Sistan family for help。Acting in the style of the Sistan family,Bill·Sistan is very likely to help。”
“With the strength of the teacher,Enough to kill Bill·Sistan。He died,The Sistan family must not be able to suppress many of its forces,Puang Empire is bound to be in chaos。And the hidden son we buried in the Sistan family will fan the flames,As soon as possible to cause civil unrest。”
“Then we can execute‘That one’plan,Destroy the Temple of Earth and the Holy See of Light,Build the Kingdom of God on Earth!”
“But the teacher’s strength,Shouldn’t fall,Teacher got‘Dark Ring’Rear,The strength is comparable to or even beyond the ultimate powerhouse of the sanctuary!”Hammond still can’t believe it。
“No matter what the plan,But Lord Hamlin did fail and fell.!”Picta’s calm analysis。
“There are several possibilities,For example,Bill·Sistan’s strength has reached the limit of the sanctuary,Although Hamlin’s strength is comparable to the limit of the sanctuary,But in the end who is going to fight,Depends on luck。”
“Also a possibility,Bill·Sistan sees through the game,With the five sanctuary of their family,And the sanctuary behind the duke’s family.!
Facing the siege,Lord Hamlin is not as good as the real sanctuary limit。It can be said that if so,He must die。”
“Of course it is possible,Bill·Sistan did not see through the plan,But out of caution, other strong people are invited to help,So Lord Hamlin is still dead。”
“Now our next step,To investigate Bill·Is Sistan dead or not?,Did Lord Hamlin reveal his identity?。If bill·Sistan is not dead,We all talk,His strength is not too exaggerated,But too much influence,He can even find 30 or 40 sanctuary powerhouses to deal with us,We will not have any ability to fight back。”