Doubtful,Front spathest star grievances,A clustered blue ghost floating,Room or flash,Sweeping。

Sparkling flicker is a butterfly,Lushan Ming is really aware of nothing,There must be a demon abnormally,It is indeed a strong bad spirit nearby。
I have fallen behind him.,She doesn’t think of thinking sword sweeping,Turn while turning,Remove the three meters to open a safe distance。
Blue manicure column collapsed by the blade,Blue light butterfly。
谏山 皱 扫 向 区域,Enemy breath,Unable to determine accurate orientation,Whether you choose an attack or defense is very passive。
Fortunately, I didn’t let her more.,Accurately, there is no meaning that is not deliberately hidden.,Go straight from the darkness。
White hair、Short、Laughing,It is giving a white hair boy to Liao Wenger.。
A row of thumb sticks rough steel needles,Appearance,He first sent a meeting to Yushan.。
Go straight to attack,Lushan,Socket all the steel needles。
“Who are you,Is the exemption,Still causing the culprit of this incident?”Looking at the sneak attack,谏山 冷 声。
“Culprit, not talking about,However, the evil spirits are indeed being summoned by me.,Wash this stone……”
White hair juvenile picked up the hair of half face,Left eyelid blood red,The position where the eye is located,Substituted by a huge killite,His mouth hooked slightly:“You are the priest of the Lushan,It should be recognized,I will not waste my mouth.。”
5 meters away from the mountains,薙 薙 穿 穿 白 少 少,I said when I hit her hand.:“Don’t explain,You have no chance to explain。”
“Hehehe,Most old, this kind of movement does not move, you can’t move the guy.,I am not coming tonight.。”
It seems that I am unpleasant memory,The face of the young baked face flashed a disgust,Under the horror of Lushan,Ignoring the blade inserted into the abdomen,Go to her in front of her.。
Can’t draw a knife,Lushan is broken and discarded。
Good idea,But I don’t know when,Four-week blue light butterfly falls to torso legs,Let her body shape stiffen,Moving is not unable to dodge。
Four steel needles fall,Due to the hole in the mountains,I am dead in the same place。
“This big sister,Your ambition is not small!”
White hair teenager slowly took out the steel needles on the Hills,I admire her pain on her face.,Laugh at the sky:“envy、anger、Hatred,And desire for power interests,I am embarrassing in your body.。”
“So say so,Like flowers to attract butterflies,Killing stone will not only attract evil spirits,I will also bring the evil soul.。”
Juvenile pulls out the hole in the belly,Troning hands, holding the blade:“No need to resist,Killing Stone summon you,Your soul is also eager to。”
Finish,He smiled,Slave the blade to pierce the chest。
The latter is standing in the original place,Unable to break freely, such as mountains,Can only close your eyes, etc.。
Hanranton is halflet,A big hand reached out next to it,Five fingers,Let the blade are in danger to the Yoshan Bao。
谏山 大,See the savior next to it,Hall to breathe。
Vocabilities that have been previously outflow,She recognizes this face。
“Ghost,meet again,Killing stone will attract evil souls,This sentence is hard to do with,In trouble, add a question mark when you say this sentence.,Or make up a sentence except me。”