Cai Chi: Zhong Apo Travel Business Conference will find new opportunities for international tourism cooperation

Cai Ju, deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Hall of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, was accepted by the People’s Network. People’s Daily Zhao Mo, how to build a high quality tourism product in Ningxia? How to make local tourist scenic spots to expand? In this regard, Cai Ji said that Ningxia will take the opportunity of the China Past Traveler Conference through the discussion of exchanges and theme reports at the meeting, and re-"portrait" for the high quality development of Ningxia tourism, and clarify the development of leisure tourism.

"Through the opinions and suggestions of experts from relevant industry experts, Ningxia’s tourism resources can be reshaped, and Ningxia is built into a unique tourist purpose and transit station in the west of China." Tai Ju said. In recent years, Ningxia focuses on foreign exchanges and cooperation in the tourism field, "Beautiful China · Magic Ningxia" "Silk Road Station, Magic Ningxia" brand image is more well known, and the entry tour will maintain continuous, rapid and healthy trends for many years. Tsai Termant introduced that this time the China Against Travel Business Conference focuses on Ningxia "Nine Key Industries" – High Quality Development of Cultural Tourism Industry. During the meeting, the tourism industry investment finance meeting, through the form of project release, on-site road, project contract, etc.

"I hope to introduce Ningxia’s rich tourism resources to the world, especially in the world, let’s introduce visitors from Ningxia, let go of Ningxia, and experience Ningxia." Cai Jian " Say.