But after Chu Xiao caught the opponent’s mistake, he killed the opponent。

Valverde knew this scene was over,So without a word, I met Yinsang and turned around and left.。
Qin Feng could tell,Yin Sang Mingming still has more power,But since he doesn’t chase,Qin Feng can’t help it。After all, Yinsang can’t even say that he is from their side。
Watching Valverde escape,Chu Xiao didn’t pursue it either,But slowly walked in front of Qin Feng and Cen Wen。
“Helped you solve a crisis,Do you owe me a favor?”In fact, what Chu Xiao said to Cen Wen。
The latter with a slumped mouth,“Got it,I will fulfill the conditions promised before。”
“Well,Don’t talk nonsense,I will chase over there to see,By the way, senior Jiang Min!”I can tell,Chu Xiao had long wanted to fight against a god-level powerhouse。
After all, it’s just like Zhong Fa wants to be promoted to a heavenly rank,Talented player,I also hope that one day I can become a god-level。Chu Xiao,He is one of the few people in the sky level who can see the gate of the god level。
And he always wanted to find a chance to fight the god level。
He has met those god-level players before,But they are all people from China,Even the discussions with Jiang Min are only on the spot。
Although it made him feel a little bit,But it is difficult for him to understand where the gap between the god level and the sky level is。
And now,Two European champions appeared,If you fight against such a person,The worst result is death。But this happened to be what Chu Xiao wanted,So he has thrown aside tasks or something。He is going to catch up with those two,Then share with Jiang Min。
If possible,Then fight against each other directly。
“amount,Chu Xiao,I don’t think you need to go。If you guessed right,Mr. Jiang Min will come back to us soon。the most important is,I think according to the character of those two,I’m afraid if I can’t catch up with Jiang Min,Very likely to come back here to trouble us。”
The speed of Cen Wen’s head at this time is called fast。
So according to Douglas and Esquie’s reaction just now,He probably understands the character of the other party。That way, Javier will report to the self-righteous old guy,I think they will really use them as a threat。
As he guessed,Haven’t waited for Chu Xiao to reply,The two old people returned to the scene again。
“Humph,Bastard,Just know to escape。Can’t you fight us like before??”Esquee scolded。