“Qiangwei go in。”Chen Wenjin considers if he goes in,The other side recognized it,May be a little more mindful of people going in behind him,Although the people who fleas just now shouldn’t see the rose in the crowd。

“Ok。”Qiangwei get off,Passed。
Chen Wenjin waited a few minutes,Just get off the car and go in。
The bar is not small,but,Not many people。
Just ten people in twos and threes,Among them is a table of friends who Wang Shuaituo invited to find the way。
Qiangwei sitting at the bar,Hold your cheeks,As if in a bad mood,I am here to kill my loneliness。
The flea and a few people were sitting by the railing on the second floor,Someone saw Chen Wenjin,Ran over and said,So the flea and the few people who were knocked out just now,All standing by the railing,Watching Chen Wenjin sit down at the bar。
“Fate to meet thousands of miles away!”The flea took a deep breath,Throw the cigarette butt on the ground,Crushed。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Five Didn’t think much,I want less
The flea led a few people down the second floor,Go straight to Chen Wenjin’s table aggressively,Just sit around。
“Destined!brothers!”Flea with a smile,But the suppressed smile is full of emotions and is particularly three-dimensional,The green veins on the forehead are extremely dynamic。
Chen Wenjin pretended to be surprised:“Not so much?I think you are a man who dares to win and lose,It surprised me that——As for still following me in an ambush?”
Flea laughed,He was also smiling,But at the moment I really can’t help but laugh。
Flea waving,Shouted:“Take wine!”
At the end,He stared into Chen Wenjin’s eyes and asked:“You ran to my place,I am ambushing you after all?You provoke me?”
“I knew it,You really are not the one who doesn’t count。”When Chen Wenjin said,When I noticed that the very tall person’s eyes stayed in the direction of Qiangwei,With suspicion in his eyes,But quickly pretended to be fine,Think of that person is very tall,Different perspectives,I might not have seen a rose at night,So Chen Wenjin said with a smile:“Mingren don’t speak secret words,Actually I know this is your place,Some friends know you are a flea。”