“Kid,Don’t be surprised,You are also a part of here since today。”

Main entrance,Ancient design handed down,On the five-meter-high gate are two unique charms“Tufu”Big print。
This word is not written randomly,The same as what he wrote outside the city,Have a unique mood in it,Xia Chenglong’s eyes are on it,Then the spirit of the real person is sucked into it。
That is an endless mountain,A man carrying an ancient sword appeared between the sky,The other party has his hands behind his back,Self-imposed。
At the moment,A deafening sound rang in the continuous mountains,Then a beam of light went towards the sky。
this is……Real dragon!
Recognized as the strongest creature in the world,Its existence is a symbol of generations。
“How about dragon,I draw my sword to the sky,Where is the cage?”
Man and Shenlong look at each other,That dragon is extremely tired of the appearance of men,So manipulate the power of heaven and earth towards the man。
For a time,The world is dim,Trembling mountains,As if this world is going to be destroyed。
The man still hovering arrogantly in the air,Then took out a sword,Towards the dragon。
This sword is very strong,It was impossible for Xia Chenglong to complete it before,Maybe only a strong person like the endless ban can do it。
The dragon who thought it was invincible was hit by this sword,Finally fell vertically in the scream。
This power……
“Kid,Wake up!”
Xia Chenglong is immersed in a battle with one dragon,Suddenly a voice appeared in my ear,Brought him back to the real world。
“how about it,Are you not scared?!”