Must stay away from here,Find a safe place to recover as soon as possible,Now both Zhang Zhiqiang and the instructors are looking for him all over the world,Except for Luo Jun and Shen Yingjie,No one would easily believe him。

Along the valley bottom,You just walked out of half a mile,The phone that Li Tianchou just seized got an incoming call,Is a strange number,He found a hidden place,Look around,Just pressed the answer button。
“Walker,where is it?”The instructor’s eager voice came from the microphone,No temptation,Straightforward,It can be seen how nervous he is after reading the text message。
“Message received?”Li Tianchou knows why,I have nothing to say to the instructor now,Because it’s destined to separate,Don’t want to be embarrassed,I don’t want the other party to restrain myself,Before finding and confirming the safety of family members,He won’t listen to anyone。
“I’m in East Guangdong,Emergency treatment,Are you still where the incident happened?”
“Must be taken seriously。”Li Tianchou continued to answer the wrong questions,“I guess this new virus is a rare spore form,Can be spread through the air,Low host requirements,Long survival time,The status of reproduction iteration is unclear,Anyway, great harm,Once sick,Just like the devil。”Li Tianchou knows that the teacher can easily locate him,So I’m lazy to talk more,But it is necessary to repeatedly emphasize the fear and severity of the virus,At least the codename of the military uniform and walker he wore。
“and also,I don’t have the ability to clean the scene,Therefore, a large-scale armed blockade must be,The radius is not less than five kilometers,Send the best biochemical experts。”Li Tianchou didn’t give the instructor a chance to speak at all,Hung up after speaking,And threw the phone on the spot。
In fact, this mobile phone is left till now,Li Tianchou was waiting for the instructor’s call,In addition to the safety of the family,He has no distraction,I’m ready to find a place to raise my body in these rolling mountains,Then go directly to Zhang Zhiqiang,Maybe a day or two,It may take longer,Because there are two kinds of poison,He can only suppress,I haven’t figured out how to eradicate。
Zhang Zhiqiang,Is a man,Everyone made a face to face。
Busy tone in the microphone,The instructor smiled bitterly and closed the thread,Just arrived in eastern Guangdong,To prevent the phone from being monitored,He activated the new number as soon as he got on the plane,I didn’t expect to miss Li Tianchou’s previous call,Also missed Shen Yingjie’s call,I have lost contact with the other party now,The situation is worse than he thought。
The top priority is to deal with the new virus mentioned by Li Tianchou,On this matter,The instructor still chooses to trust this student,And from the call just now,He is also very pleased,The other party didn’t do anything personal,I forgot my identity and responsibility,This is a good proof。
So the instructor reported the situation to his superior as soon as he saw the text message,Hurried,Superiors attach great importance to,Have done the most appropriate response,Not only did Biochemistry urgently call、Chemical protection expert,Moreover, the local national security has been instructed to cooperate with Michal’s southeast trip.,Including the investigation of this new virus and emergency response。
The above is just a line,More other security functions are also operating at high speed at the same time,Many resources are readily available,The reserve forces that have not yet been put into the blockade of the Dingjia Road accident in East Guangdong Development Zone that occurred at night,Almost all were urgently transferred to a new location,There are precise coordinates provided by Li Tianchou,Everything is efficient。
The person who greeted Mijia was a director of a local national security department,Surname Wang,In his early forties,Dark skin,National character face,The meticulously combed hair is slightly gray,He is also the leader of the Dingjia Road emergency incident specifically responsible for docking with Mijia。
The king is straightforward,I didn’t have much politeness,Welcome,He directly led Mijia onto the off-road vehicle parked aside,In addition to the driver,Neither of them has any entourage,So it’s easy to talk in the same car,Drove to the scene,The king hurry up,Concisely introduced the current situation on Dingjia Road。
Because the information is timely,Emergency response action is fast,So it did not cause widespread panic and social impact,But the situation inside the scene is not optimistic,This new virus is indeed as Li Tianchou said,Very scary。
Two hundred and ninety-eight people have been isolated,More than 70 people with confirmed infection,Nineteen of them have died,Heartbreaking,Most of them are fire officers and soldiers rushing to the scene in the first time,The onset of the virus is extremely fast,Surprised chemical prevention experts and disease control doctors by surprise,The biochemical troops stationed nearby also participated in the blockade and rescue operations。
Dingjia Road38Number as center,A three-kilometer radius has been sealed and airtight,A five-kilometer radius is a secondary blockade,Strictly prohibit the movement of people,People who come out of the core area are found to be isolated on the spot,Incinerate after killing other biological cells。
“so,There has been progress with biochemical experts?”
“Only preliminary,Time is too tight,A weakness of the virus has been confirmed,Just afraid of low temperature,Can’t survive if the temperature is below ten degrees,Very rare,General biochemical viruses are afraid of high temperatures,This new thing is a bit counterproductive,But the more highly pathogenic、Highly infectious virus,The weaker the corresponding,Just need time to find。”