Chen Xiu is not surprised about Chiba Fruit,What surprised him was the method that Gu Rimou made out of thin air.,Blurt out:“Space bag!”

“Space bag?”
Gu Rimou reacted instantly,Take out a small pocket that looks like an ancient money bag,Said with a smile:“This is Yazi Bag,Of course, it’s not bad to call it space bag in the current civilized name。Your kid is unclear about other things,I know this kind of treasure!”
Chen Xiu was curious to reach out and take the Mizi bag to feel the difference from the one on his body。
“do not move,This is my fateGchild,Don’t touch!”Gu Rimou quickly put Mizi’s bag back like a thief。
Chen Xiu was speechless for a while,As for??
Not just a bag,No one or two。
Don’t let himself move his bag,Chen Xiu took the Qianye Guo to take a closer look,As soon as you start, it is like that third-order inner alchemy,Inside is full of vigorous power;It has a mysterious feeling,It seems to be full of life。
“This……This fruit is so strange!”
“You feel it?”Gu Rimou asked in surprise。
“Ok,The power inside is very powerful!”
“Only this?”Hear this answer,Gu Rimou’s tone seemed to relax a lot。
“also……There is……”