This is Chen Xiu’s two days,Encountered four teams that contained one after another,Killed a total of twelve third-rate masters。

It is not difficult for Chen Xiu to kill these third-rate masters。
The hard part is to be concealed,And be fast,Soon they have no chance to signal for help。
Chen Xiu opened a few pages of cheats found from the three people,Nodded with satisfaction,Although these cheats are some infamous combat skills,But it was very helpful to Chen Xiu’s swordplay。
Yi Jianshu claims to crack the world’s combat skills,The first condition is naturally to be familiar with the combat skills of the victim,And this is what Chen Xiu is missing。
The cheats snatched from the children of eight great families are not high-end cheats,But let him fight against various combat skills、Various knowledge about weapons。
After two days of snatching,Let his Yi Jianshu also improve rapidly。
“It would be great if these fools came to surround me。
I’m not in a hurry to go to the restricted area to help Lao Mouzi find snow lotus,You can play cat and mouse games with the eight great families in this woods!”
Plundered several times,Try to get the bonus of plunder,Make Chen Xiu also confident,I thought in my heart that the ancestors of the eight great families were at best the same combat power as Wu Tingfang,If you can meet the eight ancestors who are alone,I don’t mind and come to a big deal。
“sand、sand……” There was a rush of footsteps in the distance。
“These fools,Every time I wait until I finish killing。”
Chen Xiu sneered,Turning into a shadow running fast in the forest,Disappeared all at once。
…… Chai Rong first rushed to the scene、Zhang Laoba and Shee Wednesday people。
The three looked at the three corpses underground,Zhang Laoba looked unusually indignant:“It’s,The one who died this time was from my old Zhang family!”
Chai Rong said with comfort:“Old eight,Life and death,Look at it……” “by,It’s not your Chai family that died,You say so naturally。
If it’s your Chai family who died,See if you can look away!”