Lu Yong, this dog will not only bite.,And also bite special pain!His betrayal,Directly ruined this battle,Destroy all the arrangements!

Duan Yao shouted,Let the soldiers go to the drum,Yourself is a horse to go to the direction of the bridge.。
At this time, what should I don’t use?,Directly taking advantage of the Shenmei army has not responded yet,Press all chips!
Won,Yucheng is available,Gao Bi will shrink in the city as a turtle.。
Lose,Nothing,I can escape back to Jinyang,Have a fight。Jinyang Six Town is full of military households,The ability to mobilize soldiers is not Yicheng can match。
At that time, although he did not have the ability to come to the city.,But keep Jinyang is more than enough。
The Shuihe River is another side,Gao Boyi looked at the Jinyang Xianbei army in the opposite side to prepare the whole line,And the bridge has actually no winning the army of the army, and their defense has expanded.,The bridge is already empty.,It is inevitable.!
If it is a section of the remaining one or two thousand soldiers and horses,Time long,I can’t hold it here.。To know,Preparatory team under Duan Yizhen,That is always trimming,Now that the five hundred people in Li Da, I can fight with the other party.。
And the quantity is exhausted!
“Li Da,Do you have any burn bridge?,When I came back, I chopped your dog head.!”
Gao Bao shouted against the direction of the bridge!
then,Tianzi Li and others also began to shout together,The goddess sergeant who heard this sentence,Not yelling with autonomous followers!
They have long seen that Li Da, who is is not cool.,Wear a flashing paper all day, like a mental disability。If it is dressed in gold,That is a paper made of armor,Your cattle is forced.?
“Li Da,Do you have any burn bridge?,When I came back, I chopped your dog head.!”
“Li Da,Do you have any burn bridge?,When I came back, I chopped your dog head.!”
This sounds sounded on the battlefield,Search for the soldiers of the two sides!
“General,Don’t hack,Fast bridge!Granduo is anxious!”
Follow Li Da to rush in front of the leader, I can’t help but remind the waving, Li Da。
They have already killed the bridge of the gallery。
There are more than a do person in the Li Da team.,But everyone carrys a big box。
“correct,What is the big governor??”
The soldiers carrying the boxes take out the red pottery pots and ask the Jinyang Xianbei army asked Li Da asked.。He seems to remember that Gao Bi repeatedly emphasized that it is to throw blue.。
But this box is red,No blue,Don’t throw it until the end?Come here.!
“It seems to be?What color does it?,All the same thing!”
Li Da is not careless.,At this time,Duan Yue has taken a bridge with a big army.,Here is over!
“Go to Nima!”
Li Da took out from his arms“Fire”Refuge,It is a very sealed small bamboo tube.,Inside the fire,After igniting, quickly cover with the cover,Then when the cover is opened,Will continue to burn,Shelf life is generally within three days,Need to make in advance to use,Ignite red clay“fuse”。
His brain is stupid,But remember to listen to the Gao Bo Yi,This place is ignited to furnish and throw it out.,Do not“Consequences”!
The faster is very fast,Li Da wants to not think,Directly threw it in the face of Jinyang infantry!