“Miss Jones won the prize,Actually I am no different”Xia Jian smiled,Raised the glass and took a sip。This foreigner’s wine is really good,This taste is just one entrance,Xia Jian thinks this is indeed a good wine。

Afang glanced at Jones,Xia Jian added a little wine to his glass and asked:“Mr. Xia!I heard you used to be the boss of a startup group,Then why do you leave the startup group now?”
“Everyone has aspirations,Besides, life is full of stations,Everywhere you go, there will be a different scenery。I am a person who likes to see the scenery,So destined to travel far。But I am a nostalgic,And know how to be grateful。So my current identity is the head of a village”Xia Jian’s words,Speak very well,It sounds like reading a poem。
Qiongqi looked at Xia Jian with both eyes,She never expected,Xia Jianhui said such beautiful words。A Fang’s mouth was even more shocked。
Xia Jian took a sip of red wine,Smiled and said:“We never met,I just met in the ballroom。Miss Jones hosted a banquet at home,This standard treatment makes me a little puzzled”
Jones laughed and said:“Mr. Xia is really a lover,Since you have seen through,I have nothing to hide。be honest,I have lived abroad for many years,I also come here occasionally。But I have a lot of problems,Every time I go out, I cause trouble for my family,So my family hardly let me out”
Xia Jianman thought Jones would say something that shocked him,I didn’t expect her to go around,Still go back。She seemed to have said these things when she was drinking last night。
Jones paused,Continue to say:“I sneaked out last night,I didn’t expect that when I saw you, I would have the urge to tease you,So I made a bet with Afang,I took the initiative to strike up a conversation with you“
“I said Mr. Xia is not a simple person,But you said he was just a piece of paper,The result is that you are too confident,At first I really thought I lost,Unexpectedly, there was a dramatic scene later。It seems that this world is still too small“A Fang couldn’t help but said with a smile。
This master and servant sing together,Xia Jian always felt that Jones swallowed what he wanted to say,Said some words,It feels like the plot in a romance novel。
Xia Jian turns the red wine glass in his hand,Listening to them with a smile。It seems that he listened very seriously,But in his heart he doesn’t think that what Jones said is true。If so,That’s so dramatic。
Fang used public chopsticks to distribute a plate of hairy crabs to the three of them,Said it was a set,Actually only three。Fortunately, when Xia Jian went south, Gu Yue taught him to eat this thing,Otherwise he might make a fool of himself when facing this guy today。
”If i guess right,Which two women you met last night,There was one that used to be your favorite。Otherwise you won’t come out to save them?Did you say i was right?“Jones asked expectantly。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“You are only half right,Which two women,There is indeed a woman who tempted me,But that was all yesterday。but,That happened yesterday,Once I run into,No matter who i am,I will do it,Because I’m naturally nosy”
“Ha ha!That’s why I helped you last night”Jones talking and laughing,Raised the glass again。Xia Jian touched her gently。
Afang looked at Jones and smiled and said to Xia Jian:“My lady lives abroad,Few friends in China,So don’t shame someone like her。your appearance,Let our young lady fall in love with you,So she wants to make you a friend”
“Hahahaha!It’s that simple?Actually, there is no need to engage in such pomp,Everyone started drinking last night,Have become friends”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Jones asked with a smile:“is it?You mean from the first time I asked you to buy me a drink?“
“It must not be,I’m talking about the second time I was sitting upstairs together,At that moment I have regarded you as my friend“Xia Jian was very serious when he said this。
Afang glanced at Jones and said:“Hear it!Our countrymen reconnect with each other,So you come back to start a business this time,Ali and I are happy to follow you“