First161chapter Black and white face(6/10)

Leo doesn’t care if there is a problem with these Tianlong people’s brains,Anyway, he didn’t follow his rules,Then don’t play,Watch others play well!
He has so many monsters anyway,Even one Tianlongren can eat it all,What he wants to give Tianlongren is superiority,Not a monster。
The first to do it all,All six monsters have masters instantly。
Those Tianlong people who still need to hold back suddenly regret it,I regret why I acted。
This is just great,Got nothing。
Leo doesn’t give them face at all,They can’t kill Leo again,And can’t get monsters。
Those Tianlong people who shot first are completely the opposite,Show joy one by one。
The Tianlong people behind are crying,And the Tianlong people in front are all smiling。
This time,The gap has come out again。
“Hahaha,Don’t be discouraged, everyone,Didn’t Leo talk about monsters and,Just need time to train!”
“Yes indeed,There are monsters,Everyone, remember to hurry up early next time!Let’s help you try what it feels like to ride a monster!”
“Everyone let,Don’t stop me from riding a monster!”
Don’t mention how many people are happy,Especially when others are crying,It’s simply to base your own happiness on the suffering of others。