Thin young people want a scientific diet

Thin young people want a scientific diet With the rapid development of the social economy, the nutritional status of young people in developing countries has been greatly improved, but why do you often see “Little Pound” and “Small Bean Sprout” at the campus gate?   Some kind of breakfast is more scientific, not eating breakfast or… Read More »

Measure who best matches you

Measure who best matches you 1. What type of heterosexual dating would you want to date?   One. Looks honest and introverted (continued from 2) b. Can play and know how to dress up (continued from 3) 2. Someone runs while looking at the watch. He is 5 minutes late. What do you think of his… Read More »

DIY Sun Mask Skin Care Competition

_1 DIY Sun Mask Skin Care Competition In the hot summer, the small face is the most direct victim. It only needs to be dark. The most feared is sunburn, leaving the sequelae such as molting, inflammation or long spots. It takes a long time to repair, which is unbearable. Therefore, after enjoying the sun,… Read More »

Fried food healthy production

Fried food healthy production Many people like to fry food, and "fried" is also an irreplaceable cooking method in China and the West. However, during the frying process, the cooking oil will decompose a large amount of carcinogens such as amines and polyaromatics. In fact, it is completely noteworthy in the operation.   According to tests,… Read More »

Drinking water properly can cure disease

Drinking water properly can cure disease Colds, constipation, coughing . Some small problems in the body will inevitably occur in life. Although it is not necessary to take injections and medicines, just ignore them, which will affect normal study and work. An article in Taiwan's "Health" magazine pointed out that learning to drink water may… Read More »

Candidates should cope with God God coup

Candidates should cope with "God God" coup 1. Method of self-suggestion: Self-suggestion can stimulate the inner psychological potential, mobilize the enthusiasm of psychological activity, help to concentrate, and overcome the phenomenon of distraction. For example, to remind yourself in a self-speaking way while studying, "focus on attention", "don't be distracted", "working hard to listen"; you… Read More »